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Technical Devices NU/ERA AquaBatch Jr Batch Wash

  • August 8 2017
  • Matt
Expiration Date : -365 Days
Ad Title: Technical Devices NU/ERA AquaBatch Jr Batch Wash
Model: Technical Devices NU/ERA AquaBatch Jr Batch Wash
Manufacturer: Other
Other Manufacturer: Technical Devices NU/ERA AquaBatch Jr Batch Wash
Year: 2010
Ad Description: Technical Devices NU/ERA AquaBatch Jr Batch Wash Vintage: 2010 High energy Coherent Jet Technology spray manifolds Touch screen controls process chamber is laboratory grade stainless steel automatic cleanliness tester programmable cleanliness level built-in DI water resistivity monitor programmable wash and rinse temperature settings of up to 93o C (199o F) forced convection dryer “Fast Clean” multi-directional high energy jets for shorter wash and rinse times High energy jets are pressure rated up to 37 oz/ sq in 2 spray bars - top and bottom Adjustable dry temperature cycles to 93o C, (200o F) Stainless Steel board rack) with 2 spindle racks to hold PCBs Heater rated at 6000 Watts, for heating, drying and steam cycles Recirculating Wash Pump @ 60 Hz (120 GPM) Resistivity Probe Separate Drain Pump Cleaning Process Chamber (19” x 19” x 19”) ESD ground strap plug Conformance standards: UL industrial control panel to UL 508 and CE Removes the following residues:  water soluble, RMA, no-clean and leadfree soldering fluxes; plating salts, finger soils, dust and loose solder balls


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